Rainforests of New York

Posted on April 19, 2010 · Posted in production log

NEW YORK CITY – I filmed and edited this video for the organizations Rainforest Relief and New York Climate Action Group’s joint campaign Rainforests of New York.

In a span of two days our crew biked to sites in New York City, which use tropical hardwoods for benches, boardwalks, decking, ferry docks and subway track ties. Although Mayor Bloomberg has called “tropical deforestation an ecological calamity”, the city remains the largest consumer of tropical hardwoods in North America. The video was edited in time to broadcast online for Earth Week 2010.

The New York Times featured the video in their City Room blog.

Credit: Camera + Editor

Rally for Juan Manuel in Oaxaca City

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OAXACA CITY, Mexico – Today I filmed members of Section 22, a local teacher’s union, and The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), a local activist group, as they marched outside the the offices of the 5th District Judge to demand the release of Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno from prison.

On October 16th 2008, Martinez Moreno was imprisoned and accused of the 2006 murder of American Journalist Brad Will. Today’s marchers claim he is innocent and point towards eye-witness and forensic evidence that has been reported by Mexico’s own national human rights commission and the independent group Physicians for Human Rights. The demonstrators believe Martinez Moreno is being scapegoated by the Mexican government in order to appease U.S. demands that someone be prosecuted for the murder of the American, as a prerequisite for funding to Mexico under the Merida Initiative.

In the video clip below, Martinez Moreno’s sister Lybia reads the family’s statement requesting his release.

UPDATE: Juan Manuel was released on February 18, 2010. Here is an inspiring account of the campaign to free him and what remains to be achieved.

Dancing til’ sunrise with the Zapatistas

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CARACOL DE OVENTIK, Mexico – After announcing our arrival at the Office of Good Government, our video crew was allowed to enter the Caracol de Oventik (in Chiapas, Mexico) to participate in the 15th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising and 25th anniversary of the creation of the EZLN (National Zapatista Liberation Army).

img_6124We joined thousands of masked campesinos of the Tzotzil and Tzeltal Maya indigenous communities and also hundreds of international Zapatista sympathizers that were present to celebrate the autonomous movement’s accomplishments.

Once the sun set the comandantes spoke, and at midnight the norteño bands began to play in what was a cornucopia of congo lines, coffee drinking, masked faces, and arroz con leche. Those that survived the 6 hours of dancing were greeted by the sun and another day of autonomy where the mountains kiss the sky.

This clip was shot at sunrise (6am):


4-Day Hunger Strike for Brad Will

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NEW YORK CITY – My footage of members of the organization Friends of Brad Will participating in a 4-day vigil and fast was aired on the headlines of Democracy Now! today. The activist are going on hunger strike from October 21st until October 24th in front of Senator Hillary Clinton’s offices in New York, as part of an international “Week of Action in Remembrance” of their murdered friend Brad Will. The purpose of the action is to bring attention to the Mexican government’s cover-up of the U.S. journalist’s murder and to show opposition to Senator Clinton’s support for U.S. funding for Mexico’s military operations under Plan Mexico (the “Merida Initiative”) .

And here is a short video I edited with the same footage:

Kuna Yala, Panama – Flood Aid

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KUNA YALA, Panama – While working on a multi-media collaboration with the Kuna Indians of Panama. Our crew visited the two recently flooded villages of Gangandi and Mandiyala, and produced this clip as part of a successful fund-raising event to help aid their recovery.

Multi-Tool Logo

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SAN FRANCISCO, California – A logo I created to describe my work and the different facets of my life.

NO-AFTA – Demostration Video

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TUCSON, Arizona – I worked on this video with the folk over at Pan Left Productions. It was a public television promo for and upcoming demonstration against the free trade agreement: AFTA.

Credit: Editor