ASPCA | Abused Dog Fighting Victims, One Year Later

Project Description

I produced, directed, co-filmed, and edited this video for the ASPCA. In short documentary form, this video chronicles the Bronx Dog Fighting Raid—July 2012. In this case, the ASPCA rescued nearly 50 dogs from a makeshift dog fighting ring. The dogs were held captive in the basement of a six story building in the Bronx where the ring operated. Most of them had never seen the light of day until their rescue. Through interviews with the ASPCA staff who led the case, the video follows the dogs from the day of the rescue to their recovery. Giving viewers a glimpse into the ASPCA’s commitment to end animal cruelty.

This video has been viewed 272,708 times on YouTube.

Equipment used: Canon XF305, Lighpanels Sola ENG Kit, Sennheiser G Series Wireless System.
Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop.