GNG | Youth LINKS TV Afghanistan

Project Description

I produced, directed, and filmed this video series for Global Nomads Group.

Youth LINKS is an educational program that promotes cultural tolerance, understanding, and critical thinking. Skills necessary in times of conflict and peace building. The program connects U.S. teens with their peers in Afghanistan. Through interactive videoconferences youth share each other’s culture and life experiences. Becoming informed global citizens in the process.

In the spring of 2012, our team filmed a series of these discussions. We produced six videos about the main topics discussed. In the fall of 2012, these videos aired in Afghanistan’s TOLO-TV.

You can view the entire video series here.

Additional Credits:

Edited by Karlyn Michelson

Graphics by Louise F. Anderson

U.S. Camera by David Sutcliffe

Afghan Producer/Camera by Sedika Mojadidi

Afghan Camera by Hamed Alizadeh

Original Music by Dougie Bowne