Asia Society | A Sneak Peek at ‘Unknown Tibet’

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I wrote, directed, and edited this video for the Asia Society. This is a trailer for Unknown Tibet: The Tucci Expeditions and Buddhist Painting, the first-ever U.S. showing of the paintings collected by Italian scholar Giuseppe Tucci during his 1926-1948 expeditions to Tibet. (34 sec.)

Asia Society | Eko Nugroho Creates Mural at Asia Society

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The acclaimed Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho creates a site-specific mural in the lobby of Asia Society New York and talks about the process and meaning of his work. (2 min., 29 sec.)

Asia Society | The Painting That Inspired ‘No Limits: Zao Wou-Ki’

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I produced, directed, filmed, and edited this video for the Asia Society. Ankeney Weitz, co-curator of No Limits: Zao Wou-Ki, the first museum retrospective of the Zao’s work in the United States, explains why the painting “Traces dans la ville” (“Tracks of the City”) is her favorite. (2 min., 33 sec.)

Asia Society | I.M. Pei Visits Asia Society’s New Exhibition

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I produced, filmed, and edited this social video for Asia Society. The video covers renowned architect I.M. Pei’s visit to Asia Society Museum, where he came to view No Limits: Zao Wou-Ki, the first-ever U.S. retrospective on the work of the painter, who was a friend and collaborator of Pei’s.

ASPCA | Making of the ASPCA Calendar — Jami and Ozzie

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I produced, directed, filmed, and edited this video for the ASPCA. This video is part of a series that gives donors a glimpse into the making of the ASPCA Calendar. Each month of the calendar features the story of an ASPCA staff member and their adopted pet. This video focuses on Jami and her special needs cat Ozzie. They are featured the month of  December 2015.    

ASPCA | Dog Fighting TV Commercial

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I produced, filmed, directed (interview), and was the assistant editor for this video for the ASPCA. The concept for this commercial came from another video that I produced, directed, and edited. For the original video, I conducted an interview with the President and CEO of the ASPCA, Matt Bershadker. We spoke about his experience at the 3-State Dog Fighting Raid (Texas, Missouri, and Kansas). Where the ASPCA rescued nearly 100 dogs. For that video, I used Matt’s first-hand account to give viewers a glimpse into the cruel world of dog fighting. With his candid description of the raid scene, I hoped to show the commitment and passion the ASPCA has to end animal fighting. You can see the original video here.

ASPCA | Abused Dog Fighting Victims, One Year Later

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I produced, directed, co-filmed, and edited this video for the ASPCA. In short documentary form, this video chronicles the Bronx Dog Fighting Raid—July 2012. In this case, the ASPCA rescued nearly 50 dogs from a makeshift dog fighting ring. The dogs were held captive in the basement of a six story building in the Bronx where the ring operated. Most of them had never seen the light of day until their rescue. Through interviews with the ASPCA staff who led the case, the video follows the dogs from the day of the rescue to their recovery. Giving viewers a glimpse into the ASPCA’s commitment to end animal cruelty. This video has been viewed  times on YouTube. Equipment used: Canon XF305, Lighpanels Sola ENG Kit, Sennheiser G Series Wireless System. Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop.

GNG | Youth LINKS TV Afghanistan

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I produced, directed, and filmed this video series for Global Nomads Group. Youth LINKS is an educational program that promotes cultural tolerance, understanding, and critical thinking. Skills necessary in times of conflict and peace building. The program connects U.S. teens with their peers in Afghanistan. Through interactive videoconferences youth share each other’s culture and life experiences. Becoming informed global citizens in the process. In the spring of 2012, our team filmed a series of these discussions. We produced six videos about the main topics discussed. In the fall of 2012, these videos aired in Afghanistan’s TOLO-TV. You can view the entire video series here. Additional Credits: Edited by Karlyn Michelson Graphics by Louise F. Anderson U.S. Camera by David Sutcliffe Afghan Producer/Camera by Sedika Mojadidi Afghan Camera by Hamed Alizadeh Original Music by Dougie Bowne

Friends of Brad Will | Three Men and a Baby vs Senator Dodd

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I produced, directed, filmed, and edited this video for the organization Friends of Brad Will. The short documentary follows three human rights activist and a baby who sneak into a Washington D.C. gala to publicly confront Senator Chris Dodd about his human rights record the evening he is to receive a humanitarian award from the Washington Office on Latin America. Weeks before the gala, Dodd had supported an appropriations bill lacking human rights stipulations that would send money to fight the drug war in Mexico and Latin America, a move the activist and other groups found concerning. The film was released on International Human Rights Day 2008. Friends of Brad Will is a network of activists which promote enhanced public awareness about the human rights abuses linked to the “war on drugs”. In that context, they work to promote government policies and actions that result in accountability for the murder, in Mexico, of U.S. journalist Brad Will.  

MDA | Sabrina Beck Profile

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I filmed parts of this video profile for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The video was nationally broadcast during the 2005 Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.